Unseen in lockdown

I’m amazed by how quickly we’ve adapted to isolation. But as we stay safe at home from the invisible threat of Covid-19, it’s clear that the needs of the vulnerable are more hidden from us too.

And, for many, the needs are now greater. Unseen, the charity behind the Modern Slavery Helpline, work to help free the army of workers facing exploitation on a daily basis in the UK. Before social distancing, many were hidden in plain sight in the car wash, nail bar or construction site down the road. Now, with increased demands for food and essentials – even personal protective equipment – exploiters can simply herd their temporary workforces to the farms, factories, food processing and packaging sites and distribution centres that ask no questions. Holed up, often in outhouses, dilapidated caravans or disused garages, these abused and vulnerable people are even less visible to us now.

And yet the Modern Slavery Helpline is receiving more calls from victims than ever.

When the Government message is to stay safe, stay at home – while they also bluntly stop funding many charities like Unseen – I think it’s our obligation as creative agencies to keep the needs of the most vulnerable in the public eye.

So we wrote a script and got in touch with Matt from Irresistible Films. He got behind it and spoke to Keidrich who agreed to direct it. We spoke to Dave from Wake the Town who got hold of Shay D, a hugely talented artist, to do the VO. Their Stephen composed the track to carry the story and Irresistible’s Jake produced the lot. While the amazing team at Unseen did everything they could to support us.

And, in a few short (long) locked down days and at no cost to the client, we made this: a 40s film to raise awareness of human trafficking in this country, and vital money for Unseen so they can keep the lifeline of their helpline running. All, ultimately, so that these exploited men, women and children can see freedom.

If you like it, please share it and let’s keep the needs of the most vulnerable in plain sight.

Thanks for your eyes.

  • Role ECD

  • For Unseen

  • Date April 20

  • Type Social, TVC

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